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Ideal for commercial kitchens and any floor where a hygienic surface is required. Our Resin coatings contain an anti-bacterial additive which prevents bacterial growth.

They are availability in a variety of colours and various anti-slip grades to ensure the safety of your staff.

All of our flooring materials are laid in a seamless application; this eliminates the joints and cracks where most fungi, moulds and mildew are harboured and ensures a more hygienic and sterile surface.

A resin floor creates a surface which is durable as well as being easy to clean and sanitise. Resin flooring also has other properties depending on the product which is installed, these can be different levels of chemical resistance as well as different levels of slip resistance.

Added features such as resin skirting provides a curved junction between wall and floor preventing a build up of dirt, dust and bacteria. A seamless resin coating means that nothing can get trapped between any seals or gaps in the floor like with wood and tiles. This creates a more hygienic floor which is perfect for areas which handle food and drink or where high sanitation is needed like within healthcare facilities.

Areas such as doctors surgeries, hospitals and dentists need to conform to a high level of hygiene standards which is why a resin floor needs or any surface needs to help make these standards easier to maintain.

The most commonly used resin within healthcare flooring is polyurethane. This resin offers a high level of chemical resistance as well as being easy to clean, sanitise and maintain.

Within education buildings an easy to clean floor with anti slip properties means a safer surface to walk on. School flooring is one of the main areas where busy footfall is constant and safety is high priority. Our Resin Flake system has non slip properties which can be installed on stairs, corridors, halls and entrances where slips may occur.

In instances where cleanliness is key to a business, we can install a high-quality hygienic resin flooring solution. This can range from factories which handle food or drink, to pharmacies and beauticians.

Our Resin floors can also be customised to fit in with your personal appearance and suit the image of your company. Seamless resin coatings can comes in an unlimited variety of colours, and are highly customisable with thousands of possible  combinations to choose from.

Resin flooring is a very hygienic solution to any environment and it can really add a clean, smooth look to your floor. We install these systems as retail flooring, commercial kitchen flooring and for industrial and manufacturing floors.

  • Resin flooring is an easy to clean and sanitise floor with a range of chemical resistant properties
  • Anti skid properties can be installed within the resin floor in areas of high footfall
  • Available with a decorative flake finish flooring can be installed as a hygienic system which has an added design element. You can choose up to 200 colours in any blend specially made for you and installed by Resflo. 

Hygeinic epoxy or polyurethane resin flooring is ideal for

  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Food and Drink Factories
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Laboratories
  • Dentists
  • Doctors Surgeries
  • Salons
  • Spas
  • Clinics
  • Beauticians
  • Education buidings
  • Leisure facilities

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