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MMA Resin Floors vs Epoxy Resin Floors

If you are searching for a durable flooring system to install in a commercial, industrial, or retail facility, you know there are myriads of options that all promise to meet your requirements. Based on our industry knowledge, we know the choice is often narrowed down to either methyl methacrylate (MMA) or epoxy resin floor. At…

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Hygienic Resin Flooring for Commercial Kitchens

Resin Floor in commercial kitchen

We undertook this Resin flooring project at a new clients head office and distribution warehouse. They own a large chain of restaurants based in London and their current floor was damaged and the joints between the walls and floor was providing gaps for fatty deposits and germs to live and breed. As you can see…

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Resin Roof Southampton – Flat Roof System

Resin Roof Southampton

We have resin systems for almost every application. In this instance one of our existing clients required a waterproof covering for a large flat roof on an outbuilding and other systems had either not been durable enough, too expensive, not given the look the client wanted or not been suitable for this size. Our Resin…

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Industrial kitchen flooring

Resflo Limited Epoxy coating system with anti-slip topping in slate grey applied this new Roosters Piri Piri – Southampton Ideal for when you want a hygienic, easy clean floor that looks great. Apply as a top layer to almost any surface, including concrete floors, pump screeds, wood and metal. This type of flooring would be…

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Epoxy metallic flooring

Resflo Limited STRUCTURED PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE, CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE… http://www.resflo.co.uk/ Metallic epoxy is a special multi-layered epoxy floor coating system that incorporates the use of a metallic additive mixed into a clear epoxy coating to create exotic effects. This metallic powder continues to move through the epoxy as it cures creating the lava flow…

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