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Our PU Resin Comfort Flooring is a collection of self-smoothing floor systems meticulously designed for ultimate underfoot comfort. These floors boast a seamless and joint-free surface, ensuring a smooth and continuous finish.

The nature of Polyurethane Resin Comfort Floors is characterized by their elasticity and flexibility, resulting in a soft and plush feel when walked upon. Not only are they a delight to walk on, but they are also incredibly easy to clean due to their completely smooth surface. Additionally, these floors are hypoallergenic, as their seamless construction eliminates the presence of joints and grout lines where allergens can accumulate.

Resin and seamless floors have gained immense popularity not only in commercial and retail spaces but also in domestic markets. Their open plan and stylish appearance make them a sought-after choice. Moreover, they are available in an extensive range of colors, allowing for customization and complementing various design schemes. Our color options encompass the wide spectrum of RAL and NCS colors, offering a versatile selection.

An exceptional feature of our Resin Comfort Floors is their remarkable ability to reduce noise. With the option to utilize our acoustic crumb base, these floors can achieve noise reduction levels of over 21 decibels (dB). Furthermore, they are compatible with various underfloor heating systems, adding an extra layer of comfort and warmth to your space.

In summary, our PU Resin Comfort Flooring offers the perfect blend of underfoot comfort, seamless aesthetics, effortless maintenance, hypoallergenic qualities, extensive color choices, noise reduction capabilities, and compatibility with underfloor heating systems. These remarkable features make them an ideal flooring solution for both commercial and residential settings.

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