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Resin Garage Flooring

Create a real wow factor in your garage with our Garage Flooring options
Whether you want to park your car in your garage, use it for DIY or just for storage, we think every garage deserves a floor that provides a safe environment for all the family, yet looks great too.

Our resin garage floors come in a variety of colours to suit your garage interior or preference and create a non-slip surface that’s safe for everyone. Plus they can be installed on their own or as part of a wider garage makeover.

It is also worth mentioning that concrete floors are porous so any water sitting on an existing floor will eventually soak into the concrete. Our resin coating floors will not absorb any water and a run off can be created to a drainage point.

Our Resin Floors provide a beautifully seamless finish for your garage floor. Using a commercial-grade Resin Garage Floor coating, our epoxy resin floors provide a very high quality finish and comes with a warranty to give you peace of mind that your flooring will last.

The Resflo team of resin floor iinstallers are experts in their field and have been installing resin floors for many years. We install our floors using a four step process over the existing concrete including preparation, primer, coating and finally, a sealant. If your floor is badly pitted or is not level then just give us a call to see how we can help sort it out for you.

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